Welcome to this site we have set up to provide information about the Dubai Water Taxi.

The Dubai Water Taxi service is an on demand service from the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) that enables you to travel from one Marine station to another at a fixed cost for each journey. You can also book the taxi for a charter service (for example for a fixed period of time). The water taxi runs from 9am until 10pm daily.

Dubai Water TaxiBooking

It is a bit like booking a standard taxi but instead you are travelling along the coast and in the waterways of Dubai, which in itself can be a much more pleasant experience.

The water taxi is a luxurious way to travel and could also help to cut out travelling time in cases where travel by road will mean encountering a lot of traffic. It might also be chosen as a means of transportation that is less stressful and gives you a much nicer view of the city from the sea, so could be appealing in particular to visitors to Dubai.

In order to travel by water taxi, you will need to book your trip in advance. You can book it by using the online booking service on the RTA website or you can call the RTA on 800 9090 and book by telephone. The online booking service will tell you how long the trip will take and how much it will cost.


There are quite a few Marine Transport Stations that Dubai Water Taxi can use. Some of those may currently be undergoing maintenance or temporarily closed so it is worthwhile checking either online or with the RTA whether the stations you wish to travel to and from are currently open. Other stations require prior approval.

The Dubai Water Taxi can seat up to 10 passengers so if you have a larger party then it can make economic sense to choose to travel by water taxi rather than regular taxi. The seats are luxurious and comfortable and there is also space for disabled travellers.

You can check out the FAQs page to find out answers to the most frequently asked questions about the water taxi service.

On the stations page we have listed all of the available pick up and drop off points (the water taxi will only pick up and drop off at specific Marine Transport Stations) and will keep this up to date as much as possible with which stations are currently open and available for use.

This site was set up to provide as much information about the water taxi in Dubai as possible as we found it quite difficult to get specific information about how the service works and the finer details about the taxi.

We have therefore provided as much information as we can here and tried to answer all of the questions that you may have about the water taxi service. However, there may be times when we are unable to answer your queries but we will endeavour to find out any information that may not be immediately available!